Hi. My name is Michele. I am your personal shopper.

I am a wife, mom of two, gym rat and kitesurfer.

I love the beach, being active and healthy and of course, shopping.
Most importantly, I try to squeeze as much fun as humanly possible in to every single day.

Here is my story-

For almost two decades my “normal” job was as a Dental Assistant.
In 2011, our daughter was injured and I needed to stay home full-time.
I believe that blessings always come out of hardships, and mine was complete healing for our girl and the beginning of this amazing business.

I was you.
The tourist who got up early, traveled all day, dragged our exhausted children around town, shopping for our “vacation”.
All I really wanted to do was hit the beach and relax.

This was my inspiration.
I am here to help you do just that….Relax!

Maui is an incredibly special place to spend time. Please allow me to help you make the most if it.